Comic Con finally wrapped up this past weekend here in San Diego and, as always, the international attraction left plenty of people talking. Unfortunately, it wasn’t always about a fun new movie or TV show coming out. Regarding one incident, the news was actually quite scary.


On Saturday, annual ZombieWalk was held outside the event. This is the eighth year such a walk has been done, which involves a sizable crowd dressed up as and pretending to be zombies as they travel a number of blocks through San Diego.

Though the crowd may have been as big as 850 people, organizers did not seek a permit for the event as they never covered more than one block at a time. However, this also means they didn’t have as much of a police presence as they would have otherwise received to ensure traffic didn’t become an issue.

So, unfortunately, at some point it may have. A 64-year-old woman who was dressed as a zombie was seriously injured when crossing an intersection. It should be noted, though, that organizers have been adamant that she wasn’t part of their group, despite her costume. When the accident happened, she is believed to have been at least four to six blocks behind the ZombieWalk.

When crossing the intersection, it seems the woman was a part of a large group that was causing congestion. A man decided to drive forward and, in doing so, struck the victim.

Video of the incident suggests the man was using his car to separate the crowd ahead of him after becoming impatient. Although the scene was certainly a chaotic one, there is no legal justification for using a vehicle this way.

As such, the woman who was struck should hire an attorney immediately. Although authorities will obviously do their part, she needs to ensure that her rights are represented and that any damages she is entitled to are secured.