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Most landlords in California maintain their properties and provide safe and habitable rental units. However, slumlords in San Diego and around the state force their tenants to live in substandard living conditions. If a slumlord has taken advantage of you, the slum housing attorney at Thompson Injury Law can help.

Our environmental claims legal team knows how to fight back against landlords who neglect their rental units and abuse their tenants. We are known for protecting the rights of individuals and families in underprivileged communities and holding slumlords accountable. 

When you meet with us, we will explain your housing rights and choose the best course of action. Because we understand your financial challenges, we will charge no attorneys’ fees until we obtain compensation for you. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Do I Have a Valid Slum Housing Claim in San Diego?

California law requires all apartments and rental homes to be safe and habitable. All apartments and rental homes in California must meet the following minimum health and safety requirements:

  • A working toilet, sink, bath, or shower in a well-ventilated room
  • A kitchen with a sink
  • Each room must have natural lighting through a window or skylight.
  • Windows should open at least halfway 
  • Safe emergency exits
  • The main door must have a lock
  • Working smoke detectors
  • A mailbox with a lock

Moreover, all leases in the state include an implied warranty of habitability. Unfortunately, slumlords fail to make their properties safe and habitable, take advantage of tenants in distressed neighborhoods, and even threaten to evict tenants when they complain about substandard living conditions. You may have a valid slum housing claim if your rental unit has any of the following defects:

  • Cockroach, bedbug, or rodent infestation
  • No running water/lack of hot water
  • No heat due to broken furnaces or heaters
  • Defective electrical outlets or wiring
  • Plumbing or water leaks
  • Scalding hot water from showers, bathtubs, and kitchen faucets
  • Damaged ceilings and walls
  • Clogged sinks
  • Broken stairs/handrails
  • Sewage leaks
  • Peeling lead-based paint
  • Toxic mold or damp living conditions
  • Unsanitary common areas

Though you may feel powerless against your landlord or fear eviction, the slum housing lawyer at Thompson Injury Law will hold them accountable and help you stand up for your housing rights.

How To Spot A Slumlord in San Diego

Greedy slumlords put money ahead of the health and safety of families who live in their buildings. Common signs of a slumlord include:

Exterior In Poor Condition

If you are about to rent an apartment, take a good look at the property’s exterior. Peeling paint, broken windows, torn screens, loose bricks, broken stairs, missing handrails, exterior mold, and other hazards are tell-tale signs of slum housing. A landlord who is ignoring repairs is likely a slumlord.

Neglected Common Areas 

Walkways, hallways, and laundry rooms should be adequately maintained. Stained carpeting, exposed wiring, and water leaks are all signs of a slumlord.

The Landlord Promises To Make Repairs After You Sign The Lease

Slumlords often promise to make repairs after tenants sign a lease but rarely do so. If you notice peeling paint, water leaks, or other defects, point them out and have the landlord agree to make the needed repairs in writing. 

If the landlord refuses to make the repairs once you move in, talk to an experienced slum housing attorney. You can trust Thompson Injury Law to protect your right to a safe and habitable home.

Can I Be Evicted For Complaining About Slum Housing?

You should know that a landlord cannot retaliate against you for asking for repairs, encouraging other tenants to ask for repairs, complaining to the housing or health department, or taking legal action against the landlord. That’s where Thompson Injury Law comes in. 

Our slum housing lawyers are knowledgeable in the applicable state housing laws and will work to protect your rights. Under California law, tenants have a right to withhold rent, contact state or local health inspectors, move out without notice, or sue the landlord if they fail to repair hazardous defects. If your landlord threatens to evict you for exercising your housing rights, let our team help you fight back.

Unlawful Housing Practices: The 28-Day Shuffle

Under California Law, hotel guests with stays exceeding 30 days become tenants, giving them legal protections, including the right to due process prior to eviction. Moreover, these tenants are not subject to transient occupancy taxation. Given the residential housing shortage in California, many individuals and families live in hotels for more than 30 consecutive days and, in some cases, for more than one year, making them tenants under applicable state law. However, hotel owners treat these tenants like guests by forcing them to check out and re-register every 30 days and charging the transient occupation tax. 

This unlawful housing practice is referred to as the “28 Day Suffle,” making it appear as if the tenancy was interrupted when it was not, in violation of the California Civil Code, the California Revenue and Taxation Code, and the California Health and Safety Code.     

If you are a long-term hotel guest and believe you are a victim of this unlawful housing practice, Thompson Injury Law can help protect your rights through a class-action lawsuit.

Seeking Compensation for Slum Housing

In some cases, tenants and landlords can resolve legal matters amicably. If a landlord tramples on your rights, we will file a lawsuit to recover damages such as: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages for time off work
  • Moving expenses
  • The cost of staying in a hotel
  • Illegal eviction
  • Damage to their credit
  • Emotional distress

Don’t let a slumlord push you around. Let Thompson Injury law fight for your rights instead.

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