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Personal Injury
Trial Lawyers

Thompson Injury Law

Personal Injury Attorneys

Trust in attorneys who will stand by your side against the biggest opponent. With every personal injury case there is someone who has been hurt and is seeking justice. When you find yourself in this situation, it is important to find a personal injury attorney with experience and success in finding victory for his clients. Thompson Injury Law was established in San Diego in 1976 and has a long history of success helping the little guy face big corporations and insurance companies. We have experienced attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases that help people who deserve compensation. We focus on practice areas that effect people everyday, including auto accidents, construction accidents and workplace safety.

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“My case had been rejected by 3 other law firms here in San Diego but attorney Harold Thompson saw the injustice in a way the others couldn’t. In the end, he was able to recover $250,000 for my injuries.”


“Thank you very much for all your hard work and effort in obtaining the settlement on my behalf. It’s not often that I have met and worked with such a passionate, dedicated and focused team such as yourselves. Your attention is 100% customer and goal oriented.”


“Hey guys, just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for all of the hard work as well as believing in us and our case. Thanks again!”


Thompson Injury Law Areas of Practice

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents can occur at any time by any means. When this happens, we know it takes a strong personal injury attorney to stand up to the responsible party so you receive the proper compensation. Personal Injury Attorneys experienced with:


Bicycle Accidents

When riding a bicycle on the road, you have all the same rights as vehicle drivers. That’s why we work hard to help victims of Bicycle Accidents receive fair treatment both on the road and after an accident. Recent Personal Injury Case Results:


Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents occur for a number of reasons and can result in severe injury or even death. We know how important it is to approach the situation with caution in order to ensure no one else is hurt in the process. Thompson Injury Law:


Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bite injuries can happen even with the most docile of canines. When you or someone you care about is injured from a dog bite, it is important to know how to not only handle your case, but how to handle the dog and owner in question. Dog Bit Injuries:


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can involve a number of vehicles including boats, trucks, motorcycles, cars and public transportation. When a different vehicle is involved in an accident, it makes that much more important to call an experienced personal injury attorney who knows how to deal with that specific type of vehicle. Motor Vehicle Accidents Including:


Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, Pedestrian Accidents can occur in any place including sidewalks, near construction sites, parking lots and general hit-and-run accidents. When this happens, it is important to know how to receive proper compensation from whoever caused your injury. Personal Injury Lawyers for all types of pedestrian accidents:


Premises Liability

Premises Liability helps the owner of a property understand when they failed to perform their duties as an owner. Whether it is neglecting to block off a dangerous area or not properly handling activities, it is important to receive proper compensation when you are hurt on their property. Premise liability cases include:


Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety boils down to knowing you are safe at your place of employment. From workplace falls and burns to chemical accidents and electrocutions, we know how to make you feel safe at work again. Does your case qualify as a workplace safety accident?


Personal Injury Lawyers

Thompson Injury Law

We got into this industry because we have a desire to help people. We don’t see clients as a case to be won. We see clients as people who deserve justice and need guidance in order to go up against colossal opponents. We have a team of experienced attorneys who have been working closely with each client to find the right path to success since 1976. At Thompson Injury Law, our goal as a firm is to stand up to large corporations, and any other giants for the benefit of people. Personal Injury can occur at any time by any means. When this happens, we know what it takes to help each client recover physically, financially and emotionally. When the negligence of other causes you or a loved one harm, you can trust us to stand up against the responsible party.

Law Reports

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

WHAT IS MY PERSONAL INJURY CASE WORTH? Please fill out the form to request your free report. Tell us your story

8 Things to Destroy Your Accident Case

8 Things to Destroy Your Accident Case Please fill out the form to request your free report. Tell us your story

Thompson Injury Law News

La Mesa Man Frustrated with Dental Surgeries

La Mesa Man Frustrated with Dental Surgeries

Many rely on their smile to make a great first impression. At the very least, it’s something we unconsciously do to let the world know how happy we are. Unfortunately, for one man in La Mesa who didn’t think his smile was up to the task, it led to a much greater...

La Mesa Man Frustrated with Dental Surgeries

Young Woman Found Dead in Spring Valley

The passing of a young person is always a sad affair; however, the recent death of a 22-year-old woman is especially tragic as foul play is suspected to have perhaps played a role. Authorities found the lifeless body of Victoria Lynn Lyman at her home in Spring Valley...

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