Statistics on automobile accidents and the deaths and injuries caused by them are well publicized. According to the National Safety Council, there have been well over 50,000 traffic deaths each year since 1966, and the figure for a year as distant as 1937 is almost 40,000. Just how many of these fatalities have involved rear-end collisions of two or more vehicles traveling in the same direction is not ascertainable with exactness, but the figures that are available on the subject are alarming nonetheless.

Rear-end collisions occur in as many places as can accommodate more than one vehicle proceeding in the same direction. Most occur in the open intersections of urban streets. Many occur on the open highway; indeed, the proliferation of the modern limited-access highway has rendered commonplace the most frightful of rear-end accidents, the chain collision involving sometimes multiple vehicles at a time. And, of course, there are rear-end collisions in parking lots of shopping centers and at drive-in restaurants and theaters, not to mention banks, churches, and mortuaries.


The site of the accident can play a major role in the way in which the attorney approaches the preparation of his case. If the collision occurred at an intersection, the presence or absence of traffic signs and signals (or their malfunctioning if present) may present special problems of proof.

The lead driver’s conduct at the intersection may also affect the handling of the case:
Was he making a right or left turn?
Did he make a sudden stop upon realizing belatedly that he had reached an intersection?
Did he make one or more false starts after coming to a stop?

Among the factors distinguishing the collision on the city street from that of the open road is the pivotal one of tighter speed restrictions in the former locale. The issues of whether the following driver was keeping a proper lookout (or whether he was following too closely) take on a different complexion in the context of a congested city street.


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