Since the mid-90s, cell phones have slowly become one of the most important parts of our culture. These days, it seems like everyone has a cellular phone, and the devices have become so technologically capable that they are more like small computers instead of just phones.

Because of this, more people are talking on cellular phones while driving than ever. In addition, people are texting, instant messaging, looking at social media, and much more when they should be paying attention to the roads. It should be no surprise that this has become one of the more common causes of auto accidents on the road.

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When a person drives while using their cellular phone, they are splitting their attention. At times, they are completely taking their attention off the road. As a result, their driving ability is impaired. Additionally, they usually only have one hand on the wheel (and sometimes don’t have a hand on the wheel at all) making it impossible for them to react as fast as they need to in a dangerous incident.


Several studies, including one presented at the University of Utah, indicated that driving while using a cellular phone even with hands-free options are as impaired as someone who is drunk and driving. Essentially, this study indicated that someone talking on the cell phone was about as impaired as someone who had a blood alcohol limit of 0.08 percent.

Drivers who are on the phone are distracted, unable to react properly, and more likely to miss important traffic markers like stop signs and red lights. It doesn’t matter how the person is using the cell phone either. They could be talking on it, texting, instant messaging, or anything else. It doesn’t matter. In any case, they will be driving distractedly and could cause an auto accident.


Some states do have laws about cell phone use while driving, but the laws are different in different areas. No matter what, if someone causes an accident while using a cell phone, they are responsible for injuries, expenses, and other costs. They should be held liable for their responsibility in the accident.

Cell Phone Accident Statistics

  • At least 1.6 million total auto accidents a year are attributed to some type of cell phone use while driving.
  • At least 1.4 million crashes a year are attributed to drivers who were talking on cell phones.
  • At least 200,000 accidents a year were caused by drivers who were texting while driving.
  • 11% of all drivers at any time are using their cell phones in some way while on the road.

Research indicates that cell phone use while driving increases the risk of an auto accident by four times the normal risk. The highest risk comes from texting while driving, but talking on cell phones impairs the drivers as well.


If you or someone you love has been the victim of an accident while the other driver was using a cell phone in any way in San Diego, then they do have a responsibility in the case.

You do have the right to seek compensation for your injuries, expenses accrued for healthcare, and expenses for your vehicle. However, you will also need an aggressive attorney who is experienced in handling cases of this type. Don’t turn to just anyone if you want the best results possible from your case.

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