We live in a very fast-paced society. Everyone has somewhere they need to be. This means there are thousands of vehicles on the road at any time. When drivers have more things than ever to distract them, the number of vehicle collisions is destined to go up. Car accidents are common and they can vary from a minor fender bender to something fatal. When the accidents do occur, you will find it very hard to get through the paperwork and insurance information just in an attempt to get properly compensated. In any car accident case, you need an attorney, but you don’t need just some lawyer you saw an ad for. People seem to think that any attorney can handle a car accident case because they are so common, but that isn’t true. If you hire “just anyone”, your outcome may not be as good as you had hoped.


Car Accident Statistics

The United States Census and National Highway Safety Administration keep statistics and information on the number of car accidents each year. Some of these numbers include:

  • In one year, there is an average of 10 million auto accidents.
  • There is an average of 35,000 deaths in car accidents each year.
  • 32% of the accidents involved a driver who was under the influence of alcohol.
  • 31% of the accidents involved a driver who was speeding.
  • 16% of the accidents involved a driver who was distracted.
  • 11% of the accidents occurred in bad weather.

There are studies that show more and more car accidents are occurring because a driver was texting or talking on the cell phone. Some academic studies even show that a driver who is distracted by a cell phone or mobile device is a worse driver than someone who is above the alcohol intoxication limit.

The Right Legal Representation

No matter how minor or serious your car accident was, you need the right legal representation. The attorney you choose cannot just know something about traffic accidents. They need an extensive knowledge of different areas of law, including insurance. The right attorney will be able to handle the following:

  • Investigation of the accident scene
  • Understanding insurance law and provisions
  • Weighing the benefits to the client of making the claims
  • Determining to work for settlement or courtroom trial for the claim, and
  • Working to get the most compensation possible.


If you choose the wrong attorney, you may not get the representation you need. A car accident can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your automobile. That isn’t all. If you are injured, your medical bills could get very high very quickly. You could face loss of wages if you cannot work, cost for physical therapy, and even the loss of money if you are disabled. In any case, you will likely experience very high bills as a result of your collision, and that means you need compensation to cover those expenses. Depending on your accident situation, you may also be entitled to punitive damages if someone was definitely at fault for your collision.

When you choose an experienced attorney who is willing to fight for your rights, they will have knowledge of numerous traffic accident situations. That means they will know how to handle your personal case properly. Car crashes happen every day, and the majority of people have been in a collision at least once in their lives.

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