People who would otherwise never break the law seem to have no problems with speeding. They often think that speed limits are nothing more than “annoyances” or “suggestions” and they feel this means they can go faster without worry.

However, speed limits are actually designed for safety reasons. People who do not choose to follow those limits can be a danger to everyone on the road. That’s because speeding automatically increases the severity of a collision and can result in injuries, fatalities, and lifelong physical and emotional pain.

There is also the problem of control. It is harder to control a vehicle when the driver is traveling at high speeds. This includes traveling around curves, maneuvering between traffic, and dealing with inclement weather.

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Some drivers don’t understand how collisions can become more severe at higher speeds. However, what you must understand is that the proportions go up incrementally. If your vehicle is going 40 miles per hour, then you will sustain injuries from 1600 times the speed and collision power than if you were standing still. Every time the speed increases, the collision power goes up by a mathematical scale. In other words, the faster a car is going, the more dangerous the collision will be.

Speeding collisions happen for a number of reasons. Drivers don’t realize just how dangerous going too fast can be, and this leads to them driving faster than they should be. Often, drivers:

  • Are in a hurry, so they drive faster
  • Are not paying attention to their speed
  • Don’t realize they are creating dangerous situations
  • Don’t think anyone will care if they speed
  • Are just too impatient to drive the speed limit

No matter the case, when a driver goes faster than the posted speed limit, they aren’t just endangering themselves. They are also endangering every other driver on the road.

Tens of thousands of people lose their lives due to speeding related accidents, and hundreds of thousands of people suffer from injuries that vary in nature. Billions of dollars are spent on vehicle repair and medical bills as a result on speeding related collisions.

When you start considering all of these statistics, you will start to realize that speeding is much more dangerous than you may have ever imagined.

The Statistics

For those who don’t realize just how dangerous speeding is, the statistics definitely speak volumes.

  • Over 13,000 people are killed a year because of speeding accidents.
  • Speed is a factor in more than a quarter of fatalities in construction and maintenance zones.
  • Accidents involving speed account for about 40 billion dollars a year.
  • 47% of speeding related fatalities happened on roads where the speed limit was lower than 50 mph.
  • 31% of all accidents that were fatal were also speeding related.

In other words, speeding related accidents don’t just occur on freeways and interstates. In fact, the majority of them occur on roads and streets where the speed limit isn’t that high in the first place.


Speeding is dangerous. Unfortunately, millions of drivers speed every single day. They just don’t realize the danger. If you or a family member has been the victim of an accident that was speeding related, then you may be entitled to compensation.

Depending on the situation, there could also be entitlement to punitive damages. To receive the best outcome for your case, you can’t hire just any attorney. They don’t all have the experience and level of aggression needed for your case. You need to make sure you choose an experienced attorney who will fight for you.

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