It goes without saying that getting behind the wheel of a car also means taking on a certain amount of personal responsibility. Auto accidents happen all too often in the San Diego area, however, meaning many people may not be taking this responsibility very seriously. Of course, this just means you need to be even more vigilant. One person’s poor decision or simple mistake could instantly put you and your passengers at risk. This is also all the more reason to have a local attorney’s contact information on you at all times.

This past Thursday, July 17th, an accident occurred on Interstate 15 that involved three vehicles. Police received a call from a fellow motorist who had witnessed the entire thing and reported a pretty bad accident had occurred.

While many details are still missing, it seems the entire thing started with just one driver. For whatever reason, a silver sedan heading south on Interstate 15 that afternoon spun out of control. This resulted in a crash when it collided with another silver sedan heading the same direction. It’s not known how the third car became involved, but when police arrived there was a grey Impala that had apparently been spun around so that it was in the center divider of the highway, facing sideways, and blocking the number one lane.

At this time, we also don’t know if anyone was injured or killed. Unfortunately, accidents with those types of results aren’t remotely rare in the San Diego area. Back in 2011, 5,456 people were injured in auto accidents. 65 people lost their lives because of them.

So practice common sense, but also keep an eye out for other drivers. Also, as much as you may not want to think of it, prepare for the worst by having a personal injury attorney’s number with you at all times.