Most of us like to think of ourselves as safe drivers. To that end, we try to observe the speed limit, use our blinkers, keep the volume of our music to a reasonable level and react accordingly to changes in the weather that might affect how we drive. Unfortunately, statistics suggest that not all of us are doing our part. Worse yet, often times, our distractions can impact others in terrible ways.


For example, at least nine people are killed every single day in this country because of distracted drivers. Plus, well over 1,060 people are injured every day for the same reason.

Obviously, these are pretty scary numbers as is. However, consider that in 2010, 3,267 people were killed because of distracted driving. The following year, that number was up to 3,331.

The US is also tied for the worst country when it comes to talking on cell phones while driving, something the CDC considers distracting. In Europe, the best country was Spain. Only 15% of their drivers reported taking part in this dangerous habit within the last 30 days. Portugal led the European countries and is as bad as us with 31% of drivers saying they had made a phone call or taken one while behind the wheel.

At Thompson Wedeking, we’re trying to do our part to help reduce the number of people who drive while distracted here in San Diego. To that end, we’d like to encourage everyone who reads this to head over to where you can take a pledge against distracted driving. Send a screenshot of your confirmation and send it to us on our Facebook page. We’ll immediately put you in a drawing for some really great prizes.

Of course, if you ever need representation because of a case involving distracted driving, we can help there too.