On Saturday, June 13th, a Chula Vista man lost his life after he suffered from an unknown medical emergency while driving west on East J street at around 4:00 pm.

Curtiss Allen Welch, 52, of Chula Vista was apparently behind the wheel of his Nissan 300ZX when he began suffering from what may have been cardiac arrest. An autopsy is still yet to be carried out, so at this time we don’t know what exactly caused Mr. Welch’s erratic behavior. What is known, though, is that something caused him to lose control of his car while driving at what the county Medical Examiner’s Office and Chula Vista police said was a high rate of speed.

As a result, his Nissan crossed over the dividing line and into oncoming traffic. Then his vehicle hit a curb, went up onto the sidewalk and continued through a front yard fence. Finally, his car crashed into the garage of a home located at 698 Carla Ave. in Chula Vista.

Fortunately, no one else was injured in what was a very dangerous situation. However, Mr. Welch was found to have been driving without his seatbelt, so his injuries were fatal. Although he was alive when paramedics arrived, the man was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

This scary crash still has a lot of questions that need to be answered about it before anyone will know what really occurred. There has been no word from friends or family of the driver about a preexisting condition. Of course, even if he had had one, that may not have left him legally inculpable were he to have lived. He’d want to call an attorney as soon as possible to ensure he handled the ensuing investigation correctly and didn’t leave himself at risk for a lawsuit by those whose property he destroyed or something far worse.