Drunk Pedestrian Stuck by Car near Qualcomm Stadium

Two factors played a big role in a young man being struck by a car this last Friday in San Diego. The first was that the Chargers were playing at home that day and the man was struck not far from Qualcomm Stadium at around 9 p.m. Obviously, this area gets fairly busy whenever the Chargers play. At the time of the accident, the man was also intoxicated which, again, is not rare for people in the area while a game is going on.

The second factor is that he was a pedestrian. San Diego currently rates 8th in the nation for accidents involving pedestrians and 2nd in the entire state. As of 2011, California was the worst state in the nation for pedestrians because of both accidents and fatalities.

At this time, however, it’s not known which factor played the greater role or who was actually at fault. The 25-year-old man was intoxicated, as we mentioned, though it’s not known if he was using a crosswalk. Given that the driver of the unspecified vehicle was not cited by authorities, though, seems to suggest the young man was not legally crossing the street when he was hit.

Many San Diego residents have long suggested that the city suffers from a lack of crosswalks. However, there is no hard data to compare it to other cities of the same size and, given how many pedestrians are hit when crossing at mid-street, it’s hard to tell if greater amounts of crosswalks would actually make a difference.

While the victim in this case is still alive, he was immediately taken to the hospital with serious injuries. His current status is unknown.

If you’re struck when crossing the street, whether at a crosswalk or elsewhere, it’s essential you contact an attorney to ensure your rights are protected. You could either suffer worse legal ramifications or miss out on collecting damages without a professional’s help.