Driver Involved in San Diego Zombie Walk Files Claim

A man who had once been considered the defendant in an accident that made national news here in San Diego has since turned the tables and is now suing the city of San Diego. The case is a perfect example of how understanding your rights can make all the difference.

In case you weren’t aware, the original incident stemmed from Comic Con over the summer. This year, many attendants also congregated to go on a “zombie walk” throughout the surrounding area. Simply put, they dressed as zombies and walked along the sidewalks around downtown San Diego.

One of the main problems, however, is that they never bothered to get a permit that would have provided them with a police escort throughout their march. San Diego law states that any gathering of more than 75 people that will be disrupting traffic when crossing streets must have a permit and thus the accompanying police presence. Because they didn’t plan to disrupt traffic, the Zombie Walk organizers never filed for a permit.

Unfortunately, this meant that at one point, Matthew Pocci found himself behind the wheel of his vehicle, with the right of way, but blocked and surrounded by dozens of zombie walkers. Eventually, he claims the participants were assaulting his vehicle and trying to open its doors, scaring his nephew. After inching forward, he finally drove off, but not before knocking over a 65-year-old woman and breaking her arm.

Pocci’s suit has the potential to do more than just net him $10,000; it could also help defend him against any cases regarding his actions that day. This is why understanding your rights is so vital. Though it’s too early to assume how his case will play out, Pocci went from being the defendant to going on the offensive in a very important way. So, in the future, before you throw in the towel, make sure you have a qualified attorney explain all your options to you.


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