Driver Involved in Comic-Con Accident Speaks Out

Comic-Con is an annual event that happens right here in San Diego. Each year, the world of entertainment stops to pay attention to the happenings at Comic-Con. Because whether it’s a hot new show, movie, comic or book, if it has anything to do with the world of fantasy, Comic-Con will be a major influence.

While the convention hosts actors, actresses, writers, and more—all to the fans’ delight—this year it also made headlines for an accident that occurred nearby.

The “Zombie Walk” was meant to be nothing more than a group of fans dressed up like zombies and taking to the San Diego sidewalks. Unfortunately, San Diego isn’t the safest city for pedestrians to begin with. Add in hundreds of people stopping traffic and, in this case, an accident will be the result.

A dozen or so videos uploaded to YouTube showed a driver who seemed to become impatient with all the people passing in front of his car, many of who were making direct contact with it. Finally, the driver hits the gas, knocking over at least one 64 year-old woman who needed medical attention for her injuries.

Although the man’s identity is being kept private while the investigation continues, his side of the story is slightly different. The man, who is deaf, claims that he didn’t move his car forward because he was impatient, but because he thought his sister, girlfriend and her son’s lives were in danger from the crowd.

Originally, upon seeing the crowd, he had turned his car off, knowing it would be a while before everyone passed. But he says that eventually things became tense as much of the mob encroached in on his car, culminating in someone opening one of the doors and a man jumping on his hood and punching a hole through his windshield.

As we mentioned, an investigation is ongoing, so no one can be sure what really happened. However, if you ever find yourself in this type of situation, your first thought should always be to contact an attorney.