No one likes getting pulled over, for whatever reason, but it’s important you keep your composure and not do anything irrational. Unfortunately, the worse the offense, the more tempting it can be to do something stupid. When the offense includes drugs or alcohol, poor decisions are even easier to pursue.

This seems to be the case that played out recently in Lakeside, this past Monday morning, August 18th.

It began with a crash that occurred in one of Lakeside’s small residential neighborhoods. The driver crashed her white Honda Accord into two vehicles that were parked close to Del Sol Road and Los Coches Road.

The loud noise from the crash woke up Janett Sanchez who went outside and found her brand new car damaged by another vehicle that was missing someone behind the wheel.

That’s because the driver, Michelle Taylor, 40, of El Cajon, had immediately exited her vehicle and fled. It seems Taylor first found her way into a neighbor’s backyard, and then climbed a fence before falling into the storm drain below. The resulting fall left the woman with an injury to her head and a broken ankle. When police found her, the head injury was causing Taylor to go in and out of consciousness. Fortunately, they were able to transport her to Sharp Memorial Hospital where she received treatment for her injuries. Given that it was a 25 foot fall, Taylor is lucky to be alive.

Officials from the California Highway Patrol confirmed she is being charged with the hit-and-runs as well as driving under the influence.

Though you should never commit either of these crimes, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, keep your composure and contact a reliable San Diego lawyer as soon as possible. Taylor made a bad situation much worse; something you should always try to avoid.