The I-15 is one of the busiest roads in San Diego, and as such, it has plenty of accidents. In early May, three people received injuries in a crash that the police believed involved a hit and run driver. The accident, which happened around 10:30AM along the I-15 near Old Highway 395, involved a rollover and fiery crash of an SUV.

An officer from CHP stated that the SUV was trying to avoid some vehicles that were making lane changes and that the driver overcorrected, which resulted in losing control of the vehicle and caused it to go off onto the shoulder of the road, where it hit a rock. The rock was what caused the vehicle to roll. After it rolled, it caught fire. Three people were inside of the vehicle and one was ejected at the time of the crash. All went to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

The police who are investigating the case say they believe that there was another vehicle involved, possibly a black truck, which may have been the initial cause of the series of events that actually led to the rollover accident. They believe that this vehicle may have hit and then fled. The hit caused the other cars to change lanes, which then led to the SUV having to change lanes quickly.

This strange chain reaction seems to have been caused by the negligence or reckless driving on the individual in that black mystery truck. If that’s the case and the police find the driver, there’s a chance that the victims in the accident could bring a suit against him or her. Of course, it depends on the actual nature of the incident, since all cases are different and the circumstances surrounding this one are still sketchy at the moment.