This past Sunday, June 15, an elderly couple in San Diego perished after a truly bizarre auto accident that actually took place in their own driveway and involved the couple’s own truck.

87-year-old George Yada and his wife, Setsuko, 80, were identified by family and neighbors who characterized them as a quiet couple who always had smiles on their faces and were loving and kind to others. They lived on the West Overlook in the El Cerrito neighborhood, where the accident occurred.

San Diego police have reported that the incident began with Mr. Yada attempting to reposition his Toyota pickup truck in the couple’s driveway. Unfortunately, something went wrong, resulting in Mr. Yada running over his wife by accident.

The couple’s nephew, Steve Hashiguchi, who was present at the time, stated that Mr. Yada reacted, understandably, by immediately getting out of the truck to check on his wife’s wellbeing. However, in his hurry to do this, he somehow fell. Making matters worse, he had left the truck running without putting it in park. So the truck was left moving on its own and Mr. Yada in the way. The man was struck by the truck, which ran him over and then pinned him against the house.

Mrs. Yada was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders, but her husband made it to the hospital before he passed away from his injuries as well.

Their nephew, who referred to the couple as “second parents”, mentioned that his uncle suffered from dementia. According to him, Mr. Yada should never have been behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The couple had been married for 45 years. On Monday, neighbors stopped by to place flowers on the truck, which was left in the driveway.

While this is obviously a unique case, it serves as a reminder of what can go wrong sometimes when vehicles are involved. If you or a loved one has suffered from an auto accident, contact a lawyer to ensure you’re not missing out on monies you may be entitled to.