What Are The Common Molds Found in Water Damaged Buildings And Homes?

After water intrusion, mold and fungi can begin to grow within 24 hours. Mold testing can assist in identifying the type and quantity of mold generally found in impaired indoor environments.  The most common types of mold are as follows:

  • Stachybotrys (so called “Black Mold”)
  • Aspergillus
  • Penicillium
  • Chaetomium
  • Fusarium

Mold can hurt you in three particular ways.  First, mold can produce a wide variety of chemicals commonly referred to as mycotoxins.  These chemicals can have a serious effect on an individual’s health.  Second, the mold spores themselves can act as irritants.  In other words, the spores do not have a necessarily toxic effect but become lodged in the lungs and sinuses causing irritation.  Third, and most common, molds produce gases called MVOCs (microbial volatile organic compounds).  This is the musty odor that is so often associated with water damage and moldy environments.  The MVOCs act as an irritant causing a whole host of symptoms including sinus problems, breathing difficulties, headaches, nausea and many more.  So, the musty odor you smell is what actually makes you sick!  If you smell a musty odor and are aware of water damage, you should assume that the environment may make you ill.

Landlords, property managers and HOAs are most often times ill-equipped to handle serious water damage issues.   Most believe that painting over drywall or drying out carpets is sufficient.  Don’t be fooled.  You must have a comprehensive set of testing and investigation in order to put your landlord, property manager or HOA on notice.  If you call our office today, we can put you in touch with the best industrial hygienists, construction experts and medical professionals in the business.  We always say that cases are won and lost from the very beginning.  Our award winning San Diego mold lawyers will put you on the right track for success.  Call lead mold trial attorney Anthony D. Thompson at 619.615.0767 or email him at adt@thompsonwedeking.com.

About the Author
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