Some Preventative Tips For Curtailing Mold After A Flood

La Jolla Mold Lawyer – Mold grows on most porous and semi-porous materials such as wood, drywall and sheet rock. But mold also grows on furniture, clothing, books and other household items. Given the right conditions, usually moisture, fungus will produce spores that are harmful to your health.

As mold lawyers, the majority of our clients come to us after having experienced a flood in either their home or rental unit. As experienced mold lawyers, we usually endeavor to provide them with a clear plan on how to avoid mold after a flood.

First, how to you know what to look for? Indoor fungus that has recently grown generally looks black or green. Sometimes we have seen purple or orange depending the subspecies. When mold begins to dry out, or become dormant, it can either remain black or turn a powdery white.

Mold lawyers will tell you that mold can grow within 24 hours but it cannot grow if moisture levels are kept low and the temperature is also kept low. Open windows and doors for awhile if you live in a dry climate. Otherwise, you might want to get a dehumidifier in order to retard the growth of mold.

Move any objects you believe to be infested with fungus to an outdoor or isolated area. Small items that have mold can actually be frozen until it is time to clean them. Once you are sure all moldy items have been removed from the room you may then, and only then, increase the circulation. You don’t want toxic mold being blown all over the room.

Clients always ask mold lawyers what they should do with contaminated items. First, you have to make sure anything this is water damaged is dry. Mold will continue to germinate on all wet items. You may attempt to clean hard-surfaced (non-porous) items outside but be sure to wear a respirator and gloves. Coming in contact, whether by skin, mouth or eyes, with mold spores can be very dangerous to your health. Mold lawyers often encounter situations where the source of the mold is not remediated so you need to continually check your items for new growth.

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