Mold Attorneys Can Help You Interpret Your Mold Report

La Jolla Mold Lawyer – One of the main components of a successful mold litigation case is the mold report or sometimes referred to as the indoor air quality report. Not only is the outcome important but the manner in which the report is taken is also important.

Mold Inspector

If you anticipate proceeding with litigation against a responsible party, the person you have do the mold testing is as important as anything else because that person will probably be called upon to testify on your behalf. A Certified Industrial Hygienist (“CIH”) is the ideal person to do mold inspections. A CIH has studied and passed examination in a number of disciplines giving he/she superior knowledge in the area indoor environmental controls. The downside is that a CIH is generally very expensive.

We usually recommend a Certified Mold Inspector for our clients as there is a good balance between the quality of the report and the price.

As La Jolla Mold Attorneys, we can recommend you to high quality vendors to suit your needs.

Mold Report

Depending on who you go to, once you get your mold report back, you might not know how to interpret the results. First, we look at the indoor samples vs. the outdoor samples. Generally, if the indoor sample is not at least 2-3 times as high as the outdoor sample than an indoor source may be difficult to determine. Second, we look at the species of mold identified. Certain types of mold will only grow inside and vice versa. If we see a large quantity of one type inside but that same species not present outside, it is easy to determine the indoor source.

These are just two of the factors to consider when evaluating a case of fungal exposure in La Jolla, California.

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