Does Bleach Really Kill Mold?

Rancho Santa Fe Mold Attorney – The short answer is yes but with a major catch. If you take a quick look at what Clorox says about using their bleach to clean mold you will see they say it is only effective on non-porous surfaces such as counter-tops and shower walls. Well, the majority of mold found in indoor environments is not found on non-porous surfaces!! The majority of mold is found in drywall and wood.

OSHA once had the recommendation that bleach was an effective method of mold remediation. OSHA has since removed that recommendation. The EPA edited their indoor air quality document to exclude the use of bleach as an acceptable method of mold clean-up. The reason for this is simple: bleach is not effective in getting to the roots of mold on semi-porous and porous materials.  Bleach may remove what is on the surface but will not get to the source of the problem.   

If you report a suspected mold problem to your landlord and your landlord tells you to clean it with bleach or has someone come out to clean it with bleach immediately inform them that this is not an effective solution. Also, tell your landlord you need an air quality test and a remediation expert to assess the problem.   Regardless of whether your landlord listens to you requests, call a Rancho Santa Fe Mold Attorney right away to find out your rights with respect to your hime and your families health. 

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