Winning A Mold Case Part 2: Photos and Video

San Diego Mold Attorney – Toxic Mold Exposure

In the second part of this series, San Diego mold attorney, Anthony Thompson will discuss the importance of photos and video in a San Diego toxic mold case.

In 2019, people are visual.  Everyone takes pictures and videos on their phone.  Of everything.  Pictures and videos provide context to a story.  They are some of the most powerful parts of a toxic mold case.  Unlike auto accidents cases where you can have dramatic mangled pieces of metal, toxic mold is silent and often times invisible.

Juries and insurance adjusters want to see the damage.  Whether that be water damage or mold damage.  Most symptoms of mold exposure will not be apparent to the average juror.  You won’t come into court with a neck brace or a wheelchair.  So, the jury will be looking at you say, “what is wrong with this person, why are we here?”  That is where visual evidence comes into play.  Take, for example, this photo (to the left) of a recent case we resolved.  Dramatic?  Yes.  Do you think the insurance company paid full damages for this case?  Yes.  They did not want to risk the jury seeing three feet of water infiltrating our clients’ rental unit.  Now, we don’t expect you will have photos like this.  But, evidence of water damage is a great indicator of a serious toxic mold problem.

Also, don’t neglect pictures and videos of yourself.   Common symptoms of mold exposure include rashes, hair loss, coughing, wheezing, and general fatigue.  These are easily documented through photos and video.

Finally, if your landlord or property manager comes to your property, document what they do.  We recently had a case where our client had a “doggy cam” so she could see what her pup what doing while she was at work.  On one occasion she allowed the property manager and a contractor to do a mold inspection while she was not home.  Entirely caught on video were the property manager and contractor saying horrible things about our client, not inspecting the proper areas, and blaming the client for non-existent problems. Did that case resolve for full value very quickly?  Yes.

If you believe you have been a victim of toxic mold exposure you need a San Diego mold attorney that will fight for your rights.  Our award-winning team of mold lawyers has been servicing the Southern California community since 1976.  Please call us at 619.615.0767 for a free confidential consultation.  Many tenants and homeowners fear retaliation.  We fight that.  That is what we do.  Contact us TODAY!

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About the Author
Anthony D. Thompson joined his father in the practice of law in 2004. Prior to his legal education, Anthony worked in Los Angeles in the field of multimedia entertainment. He also co-founded his own company based on wireless/satellite mapping solutions.