What To Do If You Find Mold In Your Apartment

Lawyer For Mold In Apartment

It is difficult to believe that something like black fuzzy growth can be so dangerous to human health but that is exactly what toxic mold is.  If you experience this, you need a lawyer for mold in your apartment.  Mold can be found everywhere.  It is always present at background levels.  In fact, mold is good for us.  We need it to survive.  But at elevated levels mold can wreak havoc on your health.  Look, we need water to survive but I would recommend dunking your head in a lake for 10 minutes.  Too much water.  Too much mold.

In recent years there has been a consensus among health professionals that water damage and mold can have serious health effects on humans.  Don’t let someone tell you that only certain molds are dangerous.  That is absurd.  Water damage, musty odors, and visible mold are key indicators of environmental problems.  If you have any of these indicators and you are sick, you need an experienced lawyer for mold in your apartment.

So, then what do you need to do.  First, you must notify your landlord and/or property manager that there is a problem.  Even if it is just water intrusion.  You must put them on notice.

Second, document everything from communications to hazardous conditions.  Photos and video are very powerful.  You CANNOT take enough photos or videos.  Lack of documentation is a killer in toxic mold cases.

Third, you must seek medical treatment from a qualified professional.  These include allergist/immunologists and pulmonologists.  If you believe you have an unexplained disease see an infectious disease doctor.  Lack of medical care and expert opinions will result in the insurance company undervaluing your toxic mold case.  Southern California has some wonderful mold doctors that we can happily refer you to.

Fourth, get a mold test.  While we generally don’t think it necessary, insurance companies and juries value objective data.  They like to see numbers.  That said, not all mold testing companies are created equal.  You must get a comprehensive report.  We strongly recommend you contact one of our San Diego mold attorneys for a referral.  It can make or break your case.

Fifth, if your landlord does not cooperate and the tests come back positive we recommend you contact your local Department of Housing or Department of Health to cite the owner of your apartment.  Insurance companies and juries value opinions of the government.

Finally, contact an experienced lawyer for mold in your apartment.  Don’t try and fight the insurance companies alone.  You will lose or at best be under-compensated.  Since 1976, our team of San Diego mold lawyers has been protecting victims of mold exposure all over Southern California.  Contact us today at 619.615.0767

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