Three Men Lucky to Be Alive After Near Drowning

Part of living in the San Diego area is taking advantage of all the natural opportunities for fun in the sun. One of these is definitely going to the beach. Whether it be to soak up some rays, surf, kayak or go for a swim, just about everyone in the area makes their way out to the beach at some point throughout the year.

Unfortunately, the beach can also represent some very real threats. For those of us who find the setting familiar, it’s easy to take these risks for granted until it’s too late. However, three local men almost lost their lives recently in a near drowning. Had it not been for some nearby lifeguards who were practicing cliff rescues, they’d very likely be dead.

According to witnesses, two men around their mid-20s ran into the ocean near Sunset Cliffs at roughly 3:50 p.m. They were dressed only in jeans. It’s not known why they weren’t wearing swimsuits.

Almost immediately, though, they found themselves in trouble as a large surf and determined rip currents started working against them. A friend of theirs entered the water to help, but soon found himself in the same situation.

Many witnesses called 911, but some sought help from the nearby lifeguards who were in the middle of practicing rescuing swimmers who became stuck in just such a scenario. Fortunately, they were able to arrive on the scene in no more than two minutes and save the men’s lives.

One man had to be taken from the water by helicopter. Another was scooped out by a large crane that is mounted on the cliffs. The third was carried from the waves by stretcher.

While the men survived, their current condition remains unknown. They could have a lawsuit on their hands, though, if they can prove the area wasn’t adequately identified by the city as a safety risk.