“The Jones Act is a federal law that gives seamen who were injured in the course of their employment the right to sue their employer for personal injury damages. Unlike almost all land-based workers, seamen are not entitled to workers’ compensation claims against their employers; the only compensation that they are legally entitled to receive for their injuries is through the Jones Act and general maritime law.” (Overview of the Jones Act)

The Jones Act is specifically designed to provide protection for seamen – this is a category of people who work on ships or in other maritime situations.

In order to seek personal injury cases, a seaman will have to show that their employer was negligent in providing a reasonably safe place to work or failed to maintain safe situations. If the employer is negligent, then the Jones Act could come into play. Common conditions that could be covered include:

  • Oil or Grease on the Deck
  • Equipment that Is Broken or Damaged
  • Employers Not Providing Crew Members with Proper Equipment
  • Crew Members That Are Not Properly Trained
  • Co-Worker Assault
  • Unsafe Work Tactics

There are numerous other situations in which the Jones Act could be used. If someone is injured while on the job in maritime situations, they will not be able to get workers’ compensation, but they may have a case against their employer.

If you have been injured while working on a ship, contact Thompson Wedeking today. You are entitled to a free case evaluation to determine if the Jones Act could be used.