SUV Crashes into Bus in El Cajon

This past Saturday, an intersection in El Cajon was the site of a pretty terrifying accident when an SUV crashed into the side of a Metropolitan Transit System bus. Obviously, those are two very big vehicles, which means both can reach scary amounts of momentum, increasing the potential for a particularly bad accident. Plus, with so many people involved, all kinds of things could go wrong during the accident or in the aftermath.

The accident occurred at 5:36 pm at the intersection of East Madison Avenue and Ballantyne Street. It was then that the bus was headed east on Madison and came to the intersection, where a green light gave it the right of way. However, at the same time, the SUV entered the intersection from the south.

In some ways, the relative sizes of the vehicles, although providing for a scary scene, may have helped keep people alive. The SUV struck the bus on the passenger side, essentially in a t-bone collision. Six people aboard the bus suffered minor injuries while the driver of the SUV is believed to have incurred a rib fracture. All seven of them were treated at local hospitals and are expected to make full recoveries.

Had the vehicles been smaller, it’s very possible they would have reached much greater speeds or that the six bus passengers wouldn’t have been so high up and thus taken on a direct hit. In this regard, everyone is lucky the two vehicles were a bus and SUV.

Nonetheless, an investigation is still pending, though El Cajon police have said they don’t believe alcohol played a role. It would still be a good idea, however, for the driver of the SUV to seek legal counsel, all the same. Even if the police do clear him, the people who were injured may still seek damages.


7 Hurt in El Cajon after SUV Crashes into MTS Bus