Student from Ghana Drowns While Kayaking

Although San Diego may be known for many things, one feature most people immediately associate with the city is its proximity to the Pacific Ocean as well as all the local waterways located inland. With all these options, it should be no surprise that people in San Diego and those who come to visit love taking to the water for recreation. Unfortunately, this also means the risk for people getting injured or even drowning increases as well.

One especially popular sport in the area is kayaking. Though it’s far from the most dangerous way to enjoy the water, there are still plenty of risks involved if the vessel overturns, especially if one isn’t wearing a personal flotation device or gets separated from theirs.

This seems to be what happened to 17-year-old Abdul Razak Shanun this past Saturday. Shanun was originally from Ghana, but lived in the area while he attended Balboa City School, a college-preparatory school located in Centre City close to Balboa Park.

Shanun had rented a kayak from the Catamaran Resort Hotel on 3999 Mission Boulevard. At 3:01 pm on Saturday, he was reported missing while in western Mission Bay’s Sail Bay area, close to Santa Clara Point and the Mission Bay Sportscenter.

His body wouldn’t be found until the following day at around 9:35 am. Details on where his body was located haven’t been forthcoming, but the depth of the water was apparently 25 feet.

Whether or not he was wearing a lifejacket is also not known. The original story was that his kayak overturned and his personal floatation device somehow became detached. Later, however, a San Diego lifeguard account tweeted that he hadn’t been wearing one in the first place.

While this is a very sad story, it should also serve as a reminder to always be safe when on the water around San Diego. The company that rented Shanun his kayak should also seek legal representation if they did not include a lifejacket with the vessel.