Street Race Ends in Crash Right in Front of Police

Street racing has long been a problem in San Diego. The number one cause of fatal car accidents on San Diego freeways continues to be speeding and street racing has only helped to push this number. In an effort to help curb this problem, California Highway Patrol has begun working with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and SDPD to put even more patrol cars on the road.

While it’s not necessarily illegal to modify a car so it can reach greater speeds faster or otherwise handle better, these adjustments must be made legally. Obviously, legal modifications can’t be used later on to reach illegal speeds or otherwise break the law.

Unfortunately, a local incident recently showed that the police have their work cut out for them if they hope to combat this disturbing trend. It was just over a week ago, on September 2nd, when two drivers decided to race one another on University Avenue by Shiloh Road. Luckily, the incident happened right in front of police, making it easy to quickly put the race to an end.

However, the police were not able stop the race before the driver of one vehicle crashed it into a parked car, hurting not just himself, but a nearby pedestrian. The driver was taken to Mercy Hospital with a head injury.

The other driver was able to escape before police could apprehend him. An investigation into who this second driver is continues. Police are also looking into whether or not drugs or alcohol played a role.

Street racing may seem like a fun pastime, but the consequences can be dangerous, to say the least. Obviously, it involves breaking several laws too, often beyond simply speeding and reckless driving. So if you’re caught street racing or are accused of it, be sure to call a qualified attorney immediately.