Single Car Crash Kills Three on State Route 78

San Diego roadways and those of the surrounding area are no strangers to vehicle crashes. You have millions using them every day and, at night, some are especially difficult to navigate if you aren’t watching your speed.

One recent accident was an unfortunate reminder of what could potentially go wrong. However, the accident is still being investigated, and no one yet knows what exactly caused it. Making matters more challenging is the fact that the victims—including the survivors—were exchange students from Japan. Police who first arrived on the scene reportedly had a difficult time communicating with them and some language barriers and cultural differences have remained somewhat problematic.

What we do know is that the students had attended a party on an Oceanside beach before planning to take the train back to Palomar Community College. Unfortunately, it was past 10 pm when they finally planned on leaving. At that point, the trains are no longer in service, so they accepted a ride from a classmate who had a Honda Prelude, which seats five. They rode with two in the front and had six more in the back.

Just before 11 pm, while the drive was heading east on SR-78 at an unknown speed, the driver suddenly veered off the road crashing straight into a power pole. However fast he was going, the pole was split in half. This was enough to immediately kill the driver and two others. All the other passengers had injuries that required medical attention. One passenger was said to have serious injuries.

Again, no one yet knows what happened that night, but it’s a good reminder to keep under the speed limit, especially on roads you don’t know and when it’s dark out. Had the driver lived, he would want to secure the services of an attorney as soon as possible. The other passengers may still want to do the same in case one of them could be held responsible.