Scuba Diver Dies in Mission Bay under Mysterious Circumstances

Given its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and a number of inland waterways, San Diego makes the perfect home for those who love scuba diving. Though countless people enjoy it as a hobby here, there are even a number who scuba dive as part of their jobs. In either case, while scuba diving can be a lot of fun, it can also represent a number of deadly risks. Unfortunately, a local man succumbed to one of them recently in Mission Bay.

Officer Dino Delimitros of the San Diego Police reported that the distress call for a diver in danger went out at 7:05 p.m. on Wednesday, October 1st. This was in response to finding a scuba diver just below the surface who seemed to be struggling from internal issues. Though it’s unclear how long he had been in danger, the diver was under water for between four to six minutes before a nearby skipper noticed he was having problems.

Lifeguards entered the water and immediately relieved him of his weight belt when they reached him. However, due to the man’s weight and equipment, the rescuers were hindered in their attempts to get him in their boat.

Once they did, the lifeguards immediately began giving him CPR until he arrived at UC San Diego Medical Center. However, by 8:05 p.m., just an hour after the emergency call went out, the man was dead.

Since then, the diver has been identified as Jeffrey Logandro, 38, of Carlsbad. Reports say he had been diving for lobsters that day with other friends. An investigation, including an autopsy, is still pending, so we’re still not sure what left him in such a state of distress. It may have had to do with his equipment, though, as Logandro apparently began sinking shortly after 7 p.m. for reasons that aren’t yet known.

If it was his equipment, his family may have a wrongful death suit to follow against the manufacturer or anyone who had adjusted it. They should speak to an attorney as soon as possible.


Lobster-Seeking Diver Who Died Revealed: Jeffrey Logandro