San Diego Woman Steals Cop Car and Leads High Speed Chase

There are no good crimes to commit when behind the wheel, but things like speeding and forgetting to use your blinker are much easier to understand than more extreme versions. Unfortunately for Felicitas Flores, 22, she did nothing but commit the latter kind during the early morning hours of Saturday, August 16th.

Flores is believed to have been intoxicated when behind the wheel of the vehicle she was stopped in by California Highway Patrol. However, to make matters worse, she stole the vehicle she was apprehended in. If grand theft auto wasn’t bad enough, the vehicle Flores allegedly stole was a San Diego police car.

Shortly after midnight—when Flores is supposed to have stolen the car—San Diego police began taking calls about a cop car that was driving erratically. The California Highway Patrol and San Diego police eventually located the vehicle on Interstate 5, where Flores gave chase.

It’s believed that the woman was able to reach speeds of up to 90 mph before she ran the vehicle over a spike strip laid out for her in Carlsbad. Even then, however, the driver continue with her stolen police vehicle, heading north until giving up and pulling into a rest area located just north of Oceanside.

There, she made one last stand. After being surrounded by other police vehicles, she did her best to drive forward, running head-on into one of those vehicles.

She quickly gave up, though, and was arrested without resisting. Nonetheless, she will still face charges of assault with a deadly weapon on top of the other charges related to her spree.

Obviously, there is nothing about Flores’ actions you should try to imitate. However, if you do ever find yourself in such a serious situation, be sure you get in touch with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. While things don’t look good for Flores, they’ll look a whole lot worse if she doesn’t get quality representation.