Plane Crash Leaves One Dead in San Diego

Sadly, vehicle crashes in San Diego aren’t all that rare. After all, it’s the second largest city in all of California, which means a lot of roadways are needed to get from one side to the next. The area is also home to everything from big rigs to freight trains that are responsible for facilitating this part of the state’s commerce. However, a recent accident involving a vehicle was definitely of the rarest kind.

A small plane ended up crashing into the parking lot of a Costco and Target here in San Diego. The bizarre accident happened on July 30, a Wednesday. Prior to landing in the parking lot, the small plane first clipped the top of a local business.

Following the crash, the plane was engulfed in flames, but nearby witnesses were still quick to rush it in an attempt to save the two women onboard. One of these good Samaritans even needed treatment later on for minor cuts and burns. Fortunately, though, no one was else on the ground was reported hurt by the accident.

The plane in question was a single-engine 1988 Mooney M-20L and it crashed in a parking lot located in the Kearny Mesa neighborhood of San Diego. According to a report by the Federal Aviation Administration, when the plane went to land nearby, it actually bounced off the runway and then continued flying west.

However, a local helicopter pilot gave a different story. He was nearby and heard the radio transmission from the pilot who told the tower she had lost power shortly after takeoff.

Either way, the results left the 52-year-old pilot seriously injured and her 80-year-old passenger dead. The family of the deceased may want to contact an attorney if they wish to file a wrongful death suit. For this and other reasons, the pilot may want to seek legal representation as well.