Pedestrian Injured at Comic-Con

San Diego’s Comic-Con International, held in late July, drew in countless thousands of guests from all around the world. Each year, the event keeps getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are attending the event. With so many people, some of the events, as well as just downtown life, can get out of hand. Consider one of the recent accidents with a deaf driver and a pedestrian that happened this year.


During the Zombie Walk, when guests dressed as zombies shamble and shuffle along the streets and sidewalks, a group of these zombies began beating on a stopped vehicle driven by a deaf driver. The entire family in the car was deaf, and the father, who was driving, said that the crowd beat on the car, broke the windshield, and frightened his children. When he tried to move the car forward, he struck a 64-year-old woman who was crossing the street.


The woman was not participating in the zombie walk. She was merely trying to cross the street when the vehicle struck her and broke her arm. It’s not yet clear whether the driver will be cited. According to most of the reports from witnesses, the crowd of zombies, some of whom were drunk, were the real cause of the accident. Witnesses felt that lack of police in the area contributed to the problem greatly as well. No one was there to rein in the crowd and keep them in line.


Due to the issue with the “zombie crowd” getting out of control and the accident, the October Zombie Walk in San Diego has been cancelled. It’s unclear if they will have another one of these events in the future, but if they do, it is likely to have a greater police presence as a means to make sure everyone remains safe.