When most people get out of their vehicle in a parking lot, they don’t think twice about walking down the aisles and then heading toward a store. The problem is, though, drivers aren’t always so careful. There are actually quite a few pedestrian parking lot accidents that result in serious injury or even death.

Most people feel a false sense of security in a parking lot because drivers tend to go more slowly, but that doesn’t mean anyone is safe. There is always a chance of an accident. Beyond that, pedestrians must walk over payment be undamaged or unkempt. As a result, trips and falls could be common. One slip and fall could result in serious injury.

Causes of Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents can vary depending on the situation, and that means the causes can vary as well. Some of the most common causes of accidents that resulted in pedestrian injury include:

  • Poorly maintained parking lots – They can result in slips and falls.
  • Congestion in parking lots – When parking lots are busy and crowded, it is harder to maneuver.
  • Vehicles backing out without looking – Drivers cannot always see if someone is walking behind them.
  • Drivers distracted by cell phones and texting – This is a major cause of any type of vehicle accidents these days.
  • Lack of traffic laws – Traffic laws like stop signs are unenforceable in private parking lots.
  • Drivers too focused on finding a good parking spot – When drivers get too distracted worrying about finding a space, they may not notice pedestrians.

The Statistics

According to studies, statistics show that parking lot accidents can be very dangerous.

  • 99 fatalities and 2,000 injuries occurred from cars backing out of parking spots in one year.
  • 5 fatalities occurred when pedestrians were struck by driverless vehicles (vehicles accidentally left in drive).
  • 106 fatalities and 5,000 injuries occurred to pedestrians from vehicles that were moving forward in parking lots.

Most people cannot even imagine a parking lot accident being fatal, but they can be. Cars are still very large and very heavy even going at a slower rate of speed. When a pedestrian is hit, they can still suffer fatal injuries.


It depends on the situation, but someone should be held responsible. The person responsible could be the driver who wasn’t paying attention, the parking lot owner who didn’t get the spaces properly repaired, or even parking lot repair companies that did not handle repairs properly. In any case, if you are a victim, then you must be able to show liability. This means you need an experienced attorney who understands laws surrounding these types of accidents.

All-in-all, pedestrian accidents in parking lots occur because someone is just not paying attention. Just because the cars are going very slowly, people assume the injuries may not be that bad. However, that isn’t necessarily the case. Injuries can be severe or even fatal.


Whether you were a victim or you have a loved one who was injured or even killed in a parking lot accident in San Diego, then you need to contact an attorney who will fight for your rights and get you the best possible outcome in the case. Parking lot injuries can be extensive and you could deal with high medical bills, lost wages, and even disability. You need compensation for your injuries and expenses, and you need to make sure the liable party is held responsible. To do this, you need to choose the right legal