One Dead in Crash on 805

Interstate 805 was the site of a terrifying accident last week that resulted in a fatality and four lanes needing to be closed for over two hours. Car accidents aren’t rare in San Diego, of course, especially when you’re talking about the busy interstate. Fortunately, though, they usually don’t involve a death. Nonetheless, these accidents should serve as a reminder that you should always be prepared for them by having the contact of a qualified attorney with you at all times.

According to the California Highway Patrol, they issued a Sig Alert shortly after 7 p.m. It was made for the northbound lanes of Interstate 805, just south of Interstate 5 in Sorrento Valley.

We still don’t fully understand what occurred. From eyewitness reports, all we know for sure is that a white SUV was traveling north on the interstate when it drove right into the back of a white sedan heading the same direction in the same lane. The SUV was reported as having bad damage done to the front of it, though it was clearly the white sedan that received the worst of it. Reports say that the back of the vehicle was completely caved in from the impact.

Although the California Highway Patrol did say that one of the two drivers was dead—both were traveling alone at the time—they have not confirmed which vehicle the deceased was in, much less issued a name.

One other vehicle was struck during the accident, though the driver is believed to be fine. Their green BMW did have a back taillight broken and perhaps some other damage, however.

While we don’t know what happened for sure, this sounds like a case of someone either driving too fast without paying attention or otherwise having issues with their vehicle. In Regardless, the driver who lived should consult with an attorney ASAP to ensure they handle the matter correctly.