Car Wreck

On June 28th, at around 12:06pm, a multivehicle crash occurred on NB I-15. In the aftermath, four adults and an infant were left with injuries after three vehicles collided in North County. The damage was bad enough that northbound Interstate 15 had to be completely shut down to traffic.

According to CHP, the vehicles involved were a Chevy Tahoe and two sedans. Those emergency responders who were first on the scene immediately requested additional help when they found the five victims, one of whom was only an infant. They assessed the victims’ injuries as being so bad that air transport was necessary.

However, at this time, there is no word on how bad the injuries actually were. All we know is that air transport was requested and that two of the victims were taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital while the other three were brought to Palomar Medical Center.

After the helicopter had been able to pick up the injured parties and depart, lanes were reopened at a little after 1pm.

Along with not knowing what the injuries were that the victims incurred (nor what their current status is), CHP has also not yet issued a report that details what went wrong. We only know that all three vehicles were traveling the same direction when the accident happened.

That being said, all the victims (aside from the minor) should seek the services of a personal injury attorney. Depending on what caused the accident, they may have a case and be found deserving of funds. For this same reason, it makes just as much sense for these parties to look at legal representation in case they get blamed for the accident. Given the magnitude reported, there could be serious consequences for whoever gets found responsible. This is why it always pays to have the name and number of a qualified San Diego attorney handy.