Escondido Checkpoint Proves DUIs Are Still a Problem

As one of the oldest cities in San Diego County, Escondido has a rich history that plays an important role in the city’s past. Unfortunately, it recently contributed to the county’s present in all the wrong ways. A DUI checkpoint this past Friday set up in Escondido caught a massive amount of drivers who should never have been behind the wheel in the first place.

The DUI stop was conducted near the intersection of Juniper Street and Valley Parkway, according to Escondido Police Lieutenant Justin Murphy.

In all, the police stopped some 1,228 vehicles for screening. 64 of them were then ordered to a secondary screening either because the driver couldn’t provide a valid license or officers suspected them of being under the influence.

At the secondary location, two drivers were arrested for being under the influence. A further 43 were given citations. Of these, 26 were cited for unlicensed driving, 10 for not having insurance and seven for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. In total, nine vehicles were impounded.

The good news is that more drivers weren’t found to be driving while under the influence. However, if you do the math, it’s likely that Escondido would have more than their fair share of drunk drivers throughout the course of the year.

On average, roughly 16,000 drivers are arrested each year in San Diego County for driving under the influence. Males make up a significant amount of this population, with 13,000 of those arrests.

Given that the state of California is able to convict nearly 80% of those arrested for DUI, these statistics can’t be labeled the result of over vigilance.

Obviously, you should never take the wheel when you are intoxicated. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand when this is the case and risk their lives and the lives of innocent people. If you find yourself arrested for DUI, it’s vital that you contact a lawyer immediately.