Driver Arrested for Fatal Hit-and-Run

Halloween is a holiday that can present a unique set of challenges to those who wish to partake. Every parent worries about their children trick-or-treating and the potential dangers they’ll face along the way.

Unfortunately, this Halloween, three teenagers were struck by a man in a black Honda SUV, before he fled the scene. Sadder still is that the driver, who has since been identified as Jaquinn Bell, 31, had his own children in the car as well. This is Mr. Bell’s second hit-and-run, as he had recently pled guilty to a prior offense.

The accident took place in Santa Ana, close to an elementary school. Twin sisters Lexandra and Lexi Perez and their friend, Andrea Gonzalez, all 13, were making their way across a crosswalk when they were hit by the SUV.

After the accident, Orange is believed to have fled, leaving the vehicle at a nearby parking lot and taking off with his two teenage children. He was found two days later in a nearby motel located in Stanton.

If not for witnesses who saw the whole thing, it’s difficult to say whether or not Bell would have been brought to justice. He didn’t stop, get out of the car, or try to render aid to the teenagers.

At this time, no one knows Bell’s motives for fleeing besides the obvious. Drugs and alcohol have not been mentioned as playing a role of any kind.

Unfortunately, a similar accident also took place in Irvine when a 65-year-old father was killed by a driver while he was taking his four-year-old son trick-or-treating.

Although it’s not yet known if Mr. Bell has an attorney, it’s a pretty easy recommendation to make. The crime alone is an especially heinous one, but it also doesn’t help that this is his second one. Never flee the scene of an accident; instead have the contact information for an attorney on hand.