When a vehicle ran right over a fire hydrant in Santee on Monday, July 21st, the results were predictable. Aside from the damage to the vehicle, water shot out from the ground for more than a half-hour before emergency workers were even able to make it to the scene.

There’s no word yet on what actually caused the vehicle to collide with the fire hydrant at around 10 am on Monday morning. This is largely because the driver immediately fled the scene after the accident took place. While the vehicle disappeared, a license plate was left at the scene, meaning investigators should have a pretty good shot at tracking down the perpetrator.

He or she will have a lot to answer for too. The geyser created in the wake of the accident was more than just a plume of water. In a video recorded by a neighbor who had heard the accident occur, you can see that the spout of water reaches heights well above the rooftops of surrounding homes.

One of those homes belonged to Victoria Rose, whose front yard the hydrant stood in. A half-hour of nonstop water was more than enough to flood the street outside her home, but that was far from all it did. The side of her home had been damaged too; her garage and back patio had also flooded and some gym equipment was affected.

Presumably, homeowner’s insurance will help cover most of the costs necessary to rehabilitate her home. Nonetheless, Ms. Rose should be contacting an attorney who can represent her when the perpetrator’s license plate is used to finally track them down. Obviously, committing a hit-and-run carries some serious penalties on its own, but Rose should also be looking to get some compensation for the extensive damage to her home caused by one driver’s recklessness.