Car Crash Leaves One Injured

In the early hours of this past Monday morning, two cars slammed in to each other in Vista. The accident occurred at the intersection of South Santa Fe Avenue and Center Drive. It was 4:55 a.m. when the call came into the authorities who immediately sent both firefighters and EMTs to the scene.

We know that at least one person was injured in the accident badly enough to need medical attention at the nearby Palomar Medical Center. She was reported to be a female and firefighters are said to have needed the Jaws of Life in order to get her free of the vehicle she was in. The extent of her injuries is not currently known, though they were described as being serious. We also don’t know if anyone else was involved and/or the vehicles that were being driven.

The police reported that one of the vehicles ran into a traffic light that was positioned in the center divider of the intersection. They did not elaborate, though, on whether or not that happened before or after the accident. Neither party has been named or charged.

Sadly, one other piece of information we do have about the accident is that it took the life of a dog. Authorities didn’t say if it belonged to one of the drivers or if it had simply been in the roadway at the time of the accident.

While the news about the dog is certainly heartbreaking, the other parties involved in the accident now need to focus on seeking out legal representation. Even if the police never bring charges of their own on anyone, that’s no reason the other parties can’t file their own lawsuits. In such a case, having a lawyer could make all the difference, either in defending one’s rights or ensuring that justice is done.