Bus Crash in Injures Senior Citizens

San Diego has a lot of things going for it, as does the surrounding area. But with so many people calling this place home, it also needs seemingly endless amounts of roadways to handle all the traffic it sees. This means that the area is home to a lot of traffic accidents, often making it into the top 10 cities for them every year. One recent accident in Irwindale helps to demonstrate just how much could potentially go wrong when you put together certain factors.

First, the accident happened in a suburb. While this could be seen as a good thing because there’s far less traffic there than on, say, the interstate, it also means there’s a far better chance children and pedestrians could get hurt.

Secondly, the accident involved a Honda Civic and a charter bus. Obviously, the latter vehicle holds the potential to do massive amounts of damage. Not only is it huge and capable of terrifying momentum, but it can also hold 50 to 60 people, meaning more victims are possible. Plus, imagining what a bus could do to a Civic is scary.

Third, the driver of the Honda Civic, who caused the crash, is believed to have been drunk when it occurred. Apparently, the man behind the wheel of said vehicle simply ran it right into the back of the charter bus on Sunday night. The 23-year old man was arrested on suspicion of felony drunk driving. His license had already been suspended as well. He remains in jail at the moment, but may not have an attorney.

If you don’t do things like drive drunk, you’re already taking a huge step in the right direction as far as avoiding accidents like this. However, no matter what the circumstances, if you find yourself involved in such an accident, be sure to get an attorney ASAP.