Brutal DUI Accident Puts Man behind Bars

Last Wednesday morning, City Heights was the scene of a particularly brutal drunk driving accident. Though everyone involved made it through alive—though just barely—the accident is going to most likely leave an innocent victim with an amputated arm, all because a driver made the irresponsible decision to take the wheel after too many drinks.

Another particularly damaging aspect of this accident is the fact that it occurred at 10:30 a.m. At the moment, we don’t know where Douglas Millsap, 50, was leaving from that he was as drunk as he was that early in the morning (not that it matters, legally). Nor do we know where his final destination was meant to be.

What we do know is that he was headed northbound on 54th street in a Nissan pickup truck when the accident occurred. At the same time, the victim, a 56-year-old man authorities have yet to identify, was headed eastbound in his Toyota Prius. When they crossed paths at University Avenue, San Diego Police say that Millsap broadsided the other man.

Medics responded to the accident and immediately took the unnamed driver to a nearby hospital. However, as we mentioned, authorities reported that he will most likely lose his arm because of the crash. When first admitted to the trauma center, he was reported in serious condition as well.

For his crime, Millsap has been arrested and booked into San Diego Center Jail. He is being held on $100,000 bail until his arraignment. Prior to being admitted to jail, he was given attention at the hospital for minor injuries.

The victim in this accident needs to hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible. He is no doubt entitled to damages and will need them as he begins this new chapter in his life. Obviously, Millsap would do well to find a lawyer to represent him as well.


Severed Arm Called Result of DUI Accident in City Heights