You won’t find any shortage of boats in the Bay Area. This is especially true as nice weather arrives and boating enthusiasts from all over flood San Diego and surrounding areas for their crack at the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, this can make for hectic conditions, not just on the water, but in the streets too.

An example of this occurred on June 12th when a boat somehow got loose and slid off the trailer it was supposed to be attached to while towed by another vehicle. Aside from the large boat, there was also a great deal of debris that found its way all over the road, making for a hectic situation.

Making matters worse, the incident occurred around 3:40 pm, when traffic for the afternoon is beginning to ramp up. So, obviously, once the boat got loose, it was able to impact traffic on West Mission Bay Drive and Ingraham Street considerably. By 4 o’clock, in fact, congestion was already developing.

While there is no word on how the boat got free of its trailer, what goes without saying is that everyone who was driving nearby is lucky that the gravest consequence was simply worse traffic. Any boat that comes off a trailer while on the road could easily kill those nearby.

Again, news has not yet been released about what caused the accident, but there could be lawsuits filed in the future if responsible parties are identified. Obviously, if the party transporting the boat isn’t the owner, they could be held liable. Either way, if any vehicles incurred damage from the ensuing debris, they’d do well to speak to an attorney too.

The main takeaway from this story should certainly be gratitude that no one was hurt. However, it should also be a reminder about how quickly having legal representation can become a necessity.