Trucking accidents that cause injury to others on the roadway do not happen every day, but they may happen more than you think. In fact, each year, more than half a million trucking accidents occur, and some of those are entirely preventable. San Diego has a large number of highways and roadways, and anyone who has driven those roads knows just how dangerous they can be at certain times of the day, especially when the big rigs are on the road. While most of the drivers are cautious of the other smaller vehicles around them, accidents can and do happen all the time. Since the truck is so much larger, it does not usually bode well for the smaller vehicles or their inhabitants.

Driver error is a common problem, and this can stem from a number of different factors. For example, the driver might be getting behind the wheel when he or she is simply too tired and should not be driving at all. The driver could be distracted or could be abusing a substance behind the wheel. These factors can cause conditions that lead to accidents, and they are entirely avoidable.

However, the driver is not always the one to blame. In some cases, a failure of the truck or the equipment on the truck could cause the accident. In those cases, the people who inspect the truck, or the company who owns the truck could be negligent. It could also be the fault of the manufacturer. It depends on the circumstances and the case, and you need to have someone on your side that can help you sort through the evidence to find the actual reason for the accident. If you’ve had an accident that involved you and a large truck, make sure you get into contact with an attorney in San Diego who can help you.