Another Plane Crashes in Northern California

San Diego is home to a number of private pilots, many who fly for no other reason than the joy they get from the experience. However, as the past month has shown, sometimes they experience something far different.

Back on July 30th, San Diego residents witnessed a small passenger plane descend from the sky and eventually end up in a Costco parking lot. Obviously, this was not a controlled landing, with the plane first running through the very tops of some local businesses before its final crash. While no one on the ground was injured, one of the women aboard died upon impact.

The single-engine 1988 Mooney M-20L allegedly lost power shortly after taking off. It was then only a matter of time before the plane returned to the ground, carrying a lot more momentum with it.

Although smaller planes like this one aren’t rare over the skies of Northern California, less than a month later, a similar accident occurred in Placerville, California.

According to authorities, a small plane crashed near a local airport. Much like the other accident we discussed, this one left one dead while the other person was able to survive (though they were taken to the local hospital and, as of yet, no one knows their condition). The Starduster biplane was on its way to the Swansboro County Airport.

At this time, the accident, which occurred on the evening of Saturday, August 16th, is still under investigation by authorities.

While air travel is generally considered safe—even safer than taking a car—it’s important to remember that accidents like these do happen. So always be sure to follow your pre-flight checklist and consider other factors that could affect your plans. However, they also go to show that it’s essential to have the contact information of a quality lawyer handy. In the case of such an accident, you need to make sure your rights will be protected.