Freak and tragic accidents sometimes happen. While it is possible to take steps to prevent accidents, sometimes there is simply no way to predict the things that could possibly happen, as with the case of Mr. and Mrs. Yamada of San Diego. The elderly couple died after they were struck and killed by their own vehicle in their driveway.

George Yamada was moving his truck in the driveway when he hit and ran over his wife. He was jumping out to see if she was okay when he fell and the truck ran him over and pinned him against their house. Setsuko Yamada died at the scene, while George passed away at the hospital from the injuries that he sustained. This tragic accident affected the entire neighborhood, as well as their family and friends. The couple was known for their kindness and always having smiles on their faces. It is clear the neighborhood will miss them.

One other bit of interesting information about this case comes from the nephew of the Yamada couple. Steve Hashiguchi claims that his uncle suffered from dementia and should not have been driving at all. The exact details surrounding that are unclear though.

With these types of tragic accidents, it is at least possible for the family to grieve and move forward. With cases that involve other negligent parties that were the root cause of the accident, it is not always so easy. With those cases, it is important to make sure that the person or company responsible for the incident pays for the injustice. Taking those parties to court and suing them for damages is the best way to do this. Find an experienced attorney in San Diego who can help you with your personal injury accident so you can get the damages you deserve.