Accident on SR 67 Results in One Dead

A recent crash that occurred in Santee, California left one man in the hospital and another one dead. Strangely enough, the accident that was responsible was actually the second one to occur in about as many minutes. The first one was hardly a problem. This situation highlights how important it is to handle the aftermath of an accident as carefully as possible so nothing worse occurs.

The accident happened on Route 67. One driver, a 23-year-old who has yet to be identified, was behind the wheel of Mazda Miata heading north. At some point, he collided with a 24-year-old man driving a Nissan Altima and also traveling northbound. It was about 5:15 a.m. when the accident occurred.

After this initial crash, the Mazda came to a stop near an exit. The other vehicle hit the center divider before coming to a stop in the fast lane. Despite all this, neither driver was injured according to Officer Kevin Pearlstein of the California Highway Patrol.

What happened next, however, would change all that. The two drivers were close enough to one another that they could talk through the windows of their vehicles. As they did this, though, a Ford Ranger came down the highway and struck both cars. Although the truck’s exact speed isn’t known, it’s safe to say the driver was at least going fast enough for the freeway.

It was definitely fast enough to do considerable damage. The driver of the Mazda was launched over the divider, where he was then placed in the way of oncoming traffic. Shortly thereafter, he was struck by at least one more vehicle. Meanwhile, the Nissan was then hit by another two.

Although the driver of the Nissan was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries, the young man behind the wheel of the Mazda was declared dead at the scene. The driver of the Ford Ranger should seek representation to protect his rights. However, this is also a good reminder that, after an accident, you should exit the roadway as quickly as possible and keep to a location where drivers can see you clearly.


Fatal accident jams traffic on SR 67 in Santee