When traveling around the Bay Area, it’s not uncommon to see a number of semi trucks on the road. With so many local businesses, they’re a necessity. Of course, San Diego and surrounding areas also see plenty of traffic from those traveling from one side of California to the other. For this reason, large buses aren’t a rare sight either. Although both types of vehicles are important and can be safe, they also represent the potential for major damage if something goes wrong. Obviously, both are massive when compared to other vehicles and both can reach speeds that give them the type of momentum that makes it hard to stop.


This past Tuesday, July 22nd, Interstate 15 in Escondido was the scene of a crash between a semi truck and a bus. Several other vehicles would become involved before it would all be said and done.

At this time, CHP is still investigating what led to the accident. We know it happened around 9:20 am, a little south of Via Rancho Parkway. Although the aftermath certainly backed up I-15 considerably, helicopter footage of the accident showed that both the bus and semi were able to get off to the shoulder. Also, only one person is said to have needed attention from medics who took them to Palomar Medical Center. No information about their injuries has been reported.

By 11:20, only the Via Rancho Parkway onramp remained blocked, yet traffic was still backed up for much of southbound I-15.

Although, we don’t have all the details, it probably goes without saying that just about everyone involved in this accident should be seeking an attorney. Whoever was responsible will, at the very least, have a lot of damage they’ll need to pay for. Passengers inside the bus may also have a case against the driver if it’s found they were being negligent.


Multivehicle crash jams I-15 in Escondido