Woman Receives One Day Sentence after Killing Firefighter

San Diego roads are some of the busiest in the country, meaning you need to practice extreme safety at all times. If you should find yourself involved in an accident, you’ll want to contact an attorney to represent you as soon as possible.

Natasia Wood, 22, has finally been sentenced after a crash she pled guilty to causing back in October. She was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter for an accident that killed Darin Steffey, 37, a U.S. Forest Service firefighter.

According to police, the accident occurred after Wood was driving over 70 mph, which is roughly 15 miles faster than the posted limit. She lost control of her vehicle and ended up heading into oncoming traffic on Buckman Springs Road. Unfortunately, this put her directly in the path of Steffey, who had been riding a motorcycle.

Sadder still, the accident occurred just a mile from the fire station Steffey worked at, meaning the first responders on the scene were also his own coworkers. Steffey had previously been a member of the Air Force as well.

Like we said, Wood pled guilty. At the sentencing, her dad testified on his daughter’s behalf and claimed that she had been unexpectedly called into work, which may have been why she was speeding prior to the accident occurring.

The judge’s ruling involves a single day in jail and three years of probation and community service. Steffey’s family has since taken to starting a memorial fund in his honor and educating the public about the dangers of speeding.

Obviously, this is a very sad story, but it should also serve as a good reminder that you should always have an attorney’s contact information handy in case you find yourself involved in such a tragic situation. The fallout after such an accident could affect you for the rest of your life.