As the warm weather really starts to get underway in San Diego, it means more and more people will be heading out to the beaches and the parks with their four legged friends. While most dogs will not pose a danger to people, we’ve all heard of people bitten, attacked and mauled by dogs. It does happen, and it happens more frequently than you might imagine. In San Diego, you might hear of a couple of dog bite injuries a year. However, these are only the ones that make it to the news, usually because of the breed of the dog or the severity of the attack. However, they are certainly not the only bites that occur.

Dogs that get out of their yards and enclosures, dogs that wander the streets, and dogs with owners who can’t control them can be dangerous, and sometimes downright deadly. Being vigilant and careful around dogs is a big part of staying safe, but sometimes it is simply not enough. Each year, more than four million people around the country receive dog bites, and nearly a million of those bites require medical attention.

Some injuries are relatively mild and do not even require stitches. Others are deeper, cause damage to the nerves, and could even require expensive reconstructive surgery. Another type of injury that many people do not even consider is the psychological damage that the bite can do. It can cause some to fear all dogs, and can even be severe enough that some people do not want to go outside and enjoy life with their friends and family.

It is important that the owners of these dangerous and out of control animals are held responsible for your injuries. They are liable for the injuries and with an experienced attorney on your side, you can be sure you receive the damages you deserve.