The pacific coast is known for many things often involving physical activity. One of the oldest pastimes in this area is hiking, thanks to the countless trails we have here, each of which has amazing vistas to enjoy, amongst other things. However, there are a number of reasons it’s also very important to be careful when you go hiking.


Recently, a young man from Julian was enjoying a hiking trip with a friend of his in Cleveland National Forest by Lake Morena this past April. Eventually, Timothy Evan Nodal, 19, began feeling sick. His symptoms became so bad that he called his step-father to ask for help. The step-father then called 911.

When firefighters reached his campsite at around 1:30 pm, Nodal was still conscious and able to hold a conversation with them. For a while, they discussed his symptoms with the teen reporting that he was not feeling well.

Things took a terrifying turn, though, when he all of a sudden went into arrest. By 2:23 pm, he was pronounced dead.

Originally, the teenager’s death was a bit of a mystery. There were no signs of substance or alcohol abuse according to the coroner. Dehydration didn’t appear to play a role either, plus he still had half a liter of water with him.

It was only this week that the coroner finally established a conclusion: Nadal died of heat stroke. This is certainly sad, but also especially alarming when you consider temperatures never got about 80 degrees and Nadal had been hiking with a friend who never reported similar issues.

If you ever find yourself in a comparable situation where a loved one passes due to similar circumstances, it may be worth hiring an attorney. Although there’s no reason to think the responders in this case didn’t do their job, it’s worth looking into, given the odd circumstances surrounding the young man’s death.